Subject to change. Please check the Hackathon Slack for the Zoom links.

Time Fri, 14 Sat/Sun 15-16 Mon, 17 Tue, 18 Wed, 19 Thurs-Sat, 20-22 Sun, 23
11-12 Opening Remarks + Dataset Pitches   Office Hour-Snapshot Serengeti (Markelle)        
12-1 Dataset Pitches Contd.     Office Hour: All Medical datasets (Alex)      
1-2 ML and Computing Overview     Office Hour: COVIDLies (Rob)      
2-3             Submissions Due, 3pm
3-4     Office Hour: Climate Change- Cali (Shane)       Closing Remarks
4-5     Office Hour: YelpNYC (Jiacen)        
5-6 Office Hour Office Hour Office Hour: EdgePrediction (Wayne) Office Hour Office Hour Office Hour  
midnight   Teams Due (Sat)